The Bolt Action 405Winchester :

Some years ago -not believing that nobody had the idea of using the 240WeatherbyMagnum case for a ‘big bore’ tapered wildcat- I found a link to a cartridge called .411Ryan designed by Robert Ryan.

The 411Ryan has been successfully materialized.

We can learn that the best case for forming is the .400-.375NitroExpress(H&H) and not the 240WeatherbyMagnum with its peculiar Weatherby ogee shoulder(see picture below):

below two 411Ryan cases:

Left case: 63.5mm/2.5in long, head stamp ‘400-375 NITRO

Right case: 67,5mm/2.66in long, head stamp ‘411 RYAN’

A belted case with a distinct shoulder makes not much sense though up to the 1980’s belts should indicate superior performance in any caliber and to many minds. Using belts for a non bottleneck case is the most reasonable way to enjoy the benefits of belts.

 If someone is interested in getting a 405/411 caliber bolt action rifle the 411Ryan should be the first choice.