7mm ICM (Ideal Capacity Magnum)

One can discuss a lot about the relationship between calibre and powder space volume. The 7mmWSM with its 82grs of water inside volume is very efficient with most bullet weights. The popular 7mmRemingtonMagnum has about 86grs and the huge 7mmSTW 97grs. Usually cases with larger powder space volume show their full potential clearly when it comes to heavier bullets. As it is so popular most shooters would agree that a 7mmRemingtonMagnum class cartridge is the best compromise among the hotter sevens.

The 7mm ICM is based on the shortened RUM case and is a shorter and fatter rimless 7mmRemingtonMagnum, also tailored for standard length actions. Ballistics are similar or slightly superior especially with long(heavy) bullets. Up to its maximum overall length there is much much space for long long bullets.

This design concept is not unique. The new 7mmBlaserMagnum manufactured by NORMA is a similar conclusion using a case with slightly different dimensions. Not to mention the 7mmExpress or 7mmWadeSuper (s. 348Win descendants).