WILDCATS are non standardized cartridges of private origin and therefore not commercially available. Some WILDCATS have become so popular over the years that chamber reamers and reloading tools are now stock items of several manufacturers. There are many reasons for designing and building a WILDCAT. To mention a few:

This list is nearly endless.

Sometimes 2 people have created a very similar wildcat at a different time not knowing of each other and therefore any design could already exist since many years bearing another name but having nearly the same dimensions. When you have an idea for a new cartridge you should always count that someone else had the same idea before.

That’s an impressive example:

- 338-270 HGT (probably first built in the 1970s)

- 8,5x63 (first built in the 1980s, designed by Werner Reb, NO wildcat, CIP-Standard since 1987)

That can happen to a case:

Since its introduction in 1936 the 348Winchester served as basic case for many designers. The main reason is probably the large potential volume relativ to its length. By reducing body taper and adding a short neck you can reach magnum performance in many calibers rather elegantly. Maybe there is no other rimmed case which was modified to rimless so many times. One could believe that more cases were used for other cartridges than in its original caliber.

The real number of 348Winchester  based wildcats is of course higher than pictured below but even these 14 designs illustrate quite well what can be done to a case.

Heavy Express Magnum & Heavy Express Short Action Magnum cartridges, various lengths, designed by Jim Busha using 348Win brass for development.