The MBM (Medium Beltless Magnum) Family

Once upon a time when there were only DAKOTAs and RUMs and no NOSLERs...

Combining ‘medium’, ‘beltless’ and ‘magnum’ in one name sounds a little strange but it’s the most precise description for the idea behind it. The COL(84mm or 3.31in) of all calibers makes it ideal for medium length rifle actions and performance is right between the short and the long action magnums. Most of them have a DAKOTA and a standard belted (hence ‘beltless’) counter part. As the DAKOTA proprietary cartridges are with us for many years this concept is anything but new. The whole family is based on the rather cheap Remington Ultra Magnum case instead of the more expensive 404Jeffery - the parent case of the DAKOTAs. All cases are 62mm (2.44 in) long and crowned by a sensational new shoulder angle of 32.5 degree.

They cannot be used for rechambering standard magnums. These cartridges provide performance of factory loaded belted or proprietary rimless magnums in a cheaper and (nearly) rimless case!

This line of cartridges is a good example of an idea which became obsolete due to commercial efforts over the years -as so many!

Hardware 416-medium-beltless-magnum

Water capacity including neck:   

309 MBM:     94grs.
8mm MBM:     95grs.
338 MBM:     96grs.
375 MBM:     97grs.
416 MBM:     100grs.