7,62 Mosin Nagant Improved

(30°, 35°, 40°)

Some cartridges have many names. Here we have a famous example. It is also called 7,62x53R, 7,62x54R, 7,62x54, 7,62Russian, 7,62Nagant, 7,62MN, 7,62 Mosin Nagant and maybe some more. To avoid any confusion with other cartridges I recommend to use 7,62 Mosin Nagant.

This is only one way to improve that well designed caliber. There may be some other versions based on other data sources and using longer or shorter necks.

But before you decide to convert your rifle you should consider some points:

-Finish rifles have tighter groove and chamber dimensions. They work well with .308 bullets and could need a reamer with slightly reduced neck and freebore dimensions

-Russian rifles can have very large chambers. A reamer ground to cut a minimum chamber will not clean one of these chambers entirely.

As far as performance is concerned the 7,62MosinNagant is a 308Winchester equivalent at lower working pressures. Any improved version will be more powerfull but it will not be a 30-06Springfield!